leather clothing home fabric laser cutting machine with auto feeding

leather clothing home fabric laser cutting machine with auto feeding

1/ standard 80w reci laser tube ( optional 60w, 100w, 130w, 180w etc)

2/ big size SA-1610 . 1600* 1000mm, suitable for cutting cloth, paper, fabric, leather

3/ cw5000 water chiller to cooling laser tube, make sure long service life, step motor, more efficiency and high precision

4/ leetro control system, easy to operation

5/ fulong belt drive, imported focus lens and reflecting mirrors.

6/ HIWIN Linear Rail, durable rubber belt, which can assure high cutting precision.

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leather clothing home fabric laser cutting machine with auto feeding

Machine Features  for fabric laser cutting machine                                                                      

1. Configure Reci laser tube (the best brand in China).
2. Auto-feeding system, need one people operate

3. Adopt Taiwan Hiwin linear motion guide

4. Transmit files directly in CorelDraw, AutoCAD ,etc.
5. Owns functions of restoring from power off, continuation on break point

6. Easy operating control panel

7. Water chiller to protect the laser tube

8. Suitable for fabric, jeans, leather, clothes, garment, textile, etc

9. Powercut control card with rich functions both can engrave and cut on various materials

10. Servo Motors, fast speed ( can up to 700mm/s)

Application industry&material

 Sofa, Garments, Trademark, Leather industry, Shoemaking, Decoration, Advertisement industry, Medical cloth, Automatic Trim, Weeding invitation card

fabric, leather, paper, bamboo ware, acrylic, glass, thin film, wood, plastic, Eva and canvas etc.

Technical Parameters for fabric laser cutting machine

No Model

SA-1610 fabric laser cutting machine

1 Effective working size

1600* 1000mm

2 Laser power

Two 80w RECI laser tube

3 Laser type

CO2 laser tube

4 Engraving speed


5 Cutting speed


6 Working accuracy


7 Laser tube lifetime

RECI laser tube:10000h

8 Power supply

220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ

9 Operation temperature

0 – 45°C

10 Operation humidity

5 – 95%

11 Guide rail

Taiwan HIWIN square rail

12 Motor

Step motor and driver

13 Control system

LEETRO control

14 Table structure

Honeycomb table

15 Dust collector

550W x air exhaust fan with tube ducts

16 Transmission way

Shanghai Fulong Belt drive

17 Min. shaping character

Character 2*2mm, English 1 x 1mm

18 Graphic format supported


19 Software supported

CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD

20 Driving system

3 Phases stepper motor

21 Cooling system

Water pumb/Water chiller

22 Water chiller


23 Recommended spare part

Laser tube and lens




Main configuration

1X Laser tube

1set X Mirror and lens

1XWater chiller  1X EXHAUST FAN   1x exhaust fan smoke pipe,

1X water pipe

1x USB cable      1xcommunication cable

1x CD(PHCAD software 5.76 english version)

 25 Warranty 1)All the machines will be full tested before shipment.

2)Laser tube 10000 hours’ working time.

3)The total machine guarantee for 18 month. Laser tube and Lens for 6 Months.

4)24 hours technical support– email, telephone or video online.

5)User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining.

Machine picture

Two heads:

fabric laser cutting machine main parts

1. Red dot pointer—— Provides a visible means of determing engraving location

2. High quality guide rail—HIWIN Brand

3. Auto up-down table——easy to put any thickness items onto the working table, cut different thickness materials.

4. Auto focus——easy to get the best result of laser
5. Beam is drawn out of high hardness alloy aluminum material and driven by a large power subdivision stepper-motor

6. Water cooler for the CO2 laser—–exhaust fan, and air pump are all included in the price, as are personalized training,

7. USB Intelface—–U-Flash Disk Supported, Machine will read files from memory, stick, you can work even without a PC.

fabric laser cutting machine Application

Engraver (co2 laser ) Cut (co2 laser )
Glass NO CUT
Ceramic NO CUT
Marble NO CUT
Matte Board
Wood veneer

fabric laser cutting machine samples

Leather cutting

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