Product Tag - laser cutting machine

  • 1290 laser engraving cutting machine

    Model: SA-1290L

    Working size: 1200*900mm

    Laser power: 80w/100w/130w/150w (optional)

    Lifetime of laser tube: 10000 hours

    Control system: Ruida/Lasercut (optional)

    Application: wood, mdf, acrylic, leather, glass, stone, etc non-metal material.

  • 1390 co2 metal laser cutting machine

    Model: SA-1390LM

    Working area: 1300*900mm

    Laser power: 130W/150W/280W

    Laser type: co2

    Controlling system: Ruida

    Suitable material: Metal like iron,ss ect. As well as acrylic, wood, stone ect non-metal material.

  • New design 1390 mixed co2 acrylic and metal laser cutting machine

    1. Table size:1300*900mm
    2. Special cutting head for metal
    3. Professional Ruida controlling system, specially for metal cutting
    4. X.Y axis use ball screw tranmission, more accurate
    5. Use servo motor to drive
    6. Laser type;Co2
    7. Application, for cutting metal and nonmetal material