How to choose a control system for cnc router

How to choose a control system for cnc router

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Follows is controlling system which is in common use for cnc router,let’s introduce for you:

1 DSP, use DSP handle to controlling cnc router.

DSP is easy to use and leran. Very suitable for machine starter.

2 NC studio/MACH 3, use computer to control cnc router 

For NC stuido, machine users need to prepare a desktop computer to control the machine.

For MACH 3, dekstop or laptop is both suitable.

3 Taiwan syntec/LNC/Weihong NK200,NK300/SIEMENS ect panel controller

More suitable for machine with higher configuration like Automatic tool changer, cnc moulding machine, cnc center ect

Controlling system above is the most popular in cnc field.

For more difference, please feel free to contact with us.

The controlling system need to work perfect with machine. We are glad to give some advice.