How to choose a fiber laser marking machine? Raycus, JPT or MAX?

We focus on providing professional solution for fiber laser marking machines. We have all optional for you to choose. Here are some differences of Raycus, JPT and Max. Raycus is one of the most famous brand here in China which produce laser sources earliest in China. JPT is famous for MOPA structure design if for fine engraving we can choose JPT. Max is another brand and popular in China. If we want engrave deep and has feel with finger touch same power [...]

How to choose the Best Suitable CNC Router Machine?

How to choose the Best Suitable CNC Router Machine? Table Size: Table size is important as it pertains to the size of the raw material and/or the number of pieces that must be cut in a certain time. (1)If you produce furnitures or doors, you’d better choose the Professional Woodworking CNC Router Machine, gernal model size is 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm and atc. (2)If you want to make Wood, Foam, EPS Mould, you should choose the Professional Wood &Foam Molding CNC Machinery (3)(3) If you want [...]

How to choose a control system for cnc router

How to choose a control system for cnc router Jinan Sail CNC is professional for different stone cnc router, metal cnc router and wood cnc router ect. Please feel free to inform us your needs. We can offer suitable one accordingly. Follows is controlling system which is in common use for cnc router,let’s introduce for you: 1 DSP, use DSP handle to controlling cnc router. DSP is easy to use and leran. Very suitable for machine starter. 2 NC studio/MACH 3, use computer to control cnc [...]